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JOIN ME, KENNETH PILO, ON AN ADVENTURE THROUGH MY LIFE AS A SWEDISH ADVERTISING DUDE. Step into my world and uncover the passion, resilience, and unconventional approach that shaped my extraordinary journey in the advertising industry.

IN 1976, MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER IN THE MOST UNEXPECTED WAY when the legendary Kenneth Fredriksson, AD from the iconic Gumælius advertising *) agency chose me to join his team. As a young teenager fresh out of ninth grade, I dove into a world of tractor-sized repro cameras, creative geniuses, and incredible opportunities. My journey in advertising took me to various agencies, such as STB (Svenska Telegrambyrån) who was the thing at the time. Both The real Official Post, and ARLA milk, and 97 employees and SYRÉNS BERSÅ, Where I received immense support and inspiration. From designing milk carton packaging to creating a music single called “IKVÄLL” with the help of a fantastic band. I was always excited to explore new creative ventures. The chance I got, and that Kenneth saw something in the younger Kenneth must by all means be very rare. *) Read about the
single, originally released 1979 and out of the blue rereleased

in 2001 (Roaddust Records),

MIND-BLOWING PROJECTS ALL TOGETHER! I've been involved in numerous
projects, like the introduction of HÄAGEN-DAZS luxury ice cream to

Sweden and helping TOYOTA establish itself in Gothenburg. Despite

never having a driver's license, I played a significant role in these

successful campaigns. Among other many cars, to mention one was

RAV. At the exhibition we had RAV-party each 30 minutes in between.

I embraced the THE NET as a new medium in 1994 and eventually

worked remotely for KINNEVIK'S project EVERYDAY Gbg - Sthlm.
Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with clients like

DOGGY AB, Swedens largest pet food manufacturer * ). I was responsible

for redesigning their entire packaging line, which involved coordina-

ting with printers from many various countries and ensuring color

consistency across all materials. The company changes their design

all over each 10th year. I was lucky to be part o such a huge project.



greatest star within PR said to me "̵ IF THEY DON'T DO AS YOU SAY. THEY ARE

IDIOTS". Might sound harsh but to me it was good as gold. As I gained

experience, I learned to listen to and collaborate with younger talent.

One of my most rewarding projects was the “CAT HELPS CAT” CAMPAIGN, which won an international award and achieved its goal together with brilliant PRIME. Finding a Swedish cat + owner to sponsor every tiger in the wild, only 3200 at the time. TETRA PAK and DOGGY AB teamed up for a fundraiser in favor of WWF's WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE, work

with tigers in the wild in this case. Check a short presentation in a film here.

NOTE! Please we make our fils as short as possible. Apparently they should be only 6 seconds but the is over the top.


MUSIC. Oh boy. I love that. The list can be long but I would like too light the wrk I did with The infamous artist EBBOLT LUNDBERG first real soloalbum. He had befor thet been the lead singer for two of Swedens most famous rock band "Union Carbide Productions" and The Soundtrack of Our lives. The latter performed at David Letterman, Jay Leno and the red haired guy. We mad it all together like brothers, from gatefold covers in both vinyl and CD, videos, webpage, posters and so fort. The CAP&Dsesign wrote about the whole workflow. Please also check ou the fabulous photos we let be taken by Dan Isaac Wallin. You can download a PDF of the article here (in swedish).

THE WORLD AS MY PROJECT GROUP. Throughout my career, I've chosen not to have a conventional agency with a fixed team. Instead, I've curated an ever-evolving global network of talented professionals to tackle each project with fresh ideas and perspectives. I an my team have worked a whole deal with restaurants, hotel and nightclubs as VALAND, AVALON, THE BOUTIQUE HOTEL FLORA (which I love beyond madness) SOCIETETSHUSET MARSTRAND, RESTAURANT & WINE BAR SOMM n the centre of GBG among a few. If you really want to know which companies Pilo has worked with since many moons ago. There is a list here.


“THE MOST HONEST FORM OF FILMMAKING IS TO MAKE A FILM FOR YOURSELF.” Currently, I'm exploring the world of film, always ready for the next exciting opportunity. Starting short and maybe it will grow on me. 've been fortunate to work with many open-minded individuals, including those from the dance and performing arts communities, music and artist as EBBOT LUNDBERG. A total concept including, album cover (vinyl and CD), videos, web page, tour and merchandise.


WHEN THE TRAIN OF LIFE HIT THE EMERGENCY BREAKS. However, my life hasn't been without its challenges. I've faced serious health issues, including an organ transplant and a resulting handicap that forced me into a downward spiral of medical treatments.

If you find the time, please read my story and how you can help.

albeit sounding strange in written form. I'm happy to share this unique approach over lunch or a boat ride in the archipelago. My story is one of resilience, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of challenging and enjoyable projects. And you can count on me to continue making a difference in the world of advertising and beyond.

') With aprox 200 employees and a net worth over 600 million kr. 2023.

Kenneth Pilo


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